Deck Cleaning Services, Des Moines, Iowa

Deck Cleaning Before-After

Deck Cleaning Services – Des Moines, Iowa

Spring has finally sprung and, since you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about a thorough deck cleaning. The deck furniture is about to come out, the barbecue grill has been uncovered and there is debris everywhere from lack of use. You are probably even noticing green or black spots on your deck. Before the kids take another step and before you pull out the power washer, here are a few tips you should be aware of before you start the deck cleaning process! Continue reading “Deck Cleaning Services, Des Moines, Iowa”

Roof Cleaning Services, Des Moines Iowa

Sullivan roof cleaning service

Roof Cleaning: Cedar, Asphalt, Tile and Metal Roofs.

Do you think you need a new roof? Many people look up at their roof, no matter whether it’s cedar, asphalt, metal, tile or slate and, when they see what looks like mold, mildew or black stains, they are ready to call for a roof replacement when, most likely, all you need is a good cleaning! Continue reading “Roof Cleaning Services, Des Moines Iowa”