Asphalt Roof Cleaning, Norwalk

Bruce did a great job on my house in Norwalk. I originally thought I would have to re-shingle my roof, but after he got done, it looked ‘great’. Bruce is easy to work with and backs up his product. If you are thinking about new shingles, talk to Bruce first – he might be able to save you several thousand dollars.
Tim Dohlman, Norwalk

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Asphalt Roof Cleaning West Des Moines

Bruce cleaned our roof, vinyl siding and composite material deck and I am blown away. The roof looks new, the algae collecting on the siding in the shady areas is gone and the deck is even colored and bright.

I have been involved with DIY publications for many years and I had never heard about this service. I didn’t know it was possible to “clean” shingles but I am a total believer now.

You will not be sorry as this investment is worth every cent.

Matt Strelecki, 18th St., West Des Moines

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