Roof Cleaning Services, Des Moines Iowa

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Roof Cleaning: Cedar, Asphalt, Tile and Metal Roofs.

Do you think you need a new roof? Many people look up at their roof, no matter whether it’s cedar, asphalt, metal, tile or slate and, when they see what looks like mold, mildew or black stains, they are ready to call for a roof replacement when, most likely, all you need is a good cleaning! Continue reading “Roof Cleaning Services, Des Moines Iowa”

Roof Cleaning Waukee Iowa

Saved Us Thousands Of Dollars!

We are thrilled with the results of our roof cleaning. It looks brand new! We believe they added years to the life of our roof and saved us thousands of dollars. Bruce and Maria were very friendly and professional. They throughly explained the process and were careful with our roof and property. We recommend their services!

Jim and Bonnie Allen – Waukee, IA

The Roof Streaks Are Gone

Our 11 year old roof was really showing the effects of algae…lots of gray and black streaks.
Bruce explained the problem and the process needed to address it. Pointing out the problem that this would cause excellerate ware on our roofing.

Bruce did the whole roof including areas not apparent as issues, but on their way to the problems.
Process took a morning and the results were amazing. The streaking is gone and the roof looks new again.

We would highly recommend cleaning such as this and Bruce doing the work.

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